We had a blast introducing new artists and exhibitions to our  Mountain Community. From steamy tango dancers to the “impolite subjects” that were on display during our political show!

Some of the hot topics that raised a few eyebrows were nudes, gay and lesbian, Aids, women’s rights, cultural and political themes, such as immigration, racism and the Iraq War through the eyes of an Iraqi artist and poet.

On the mild side we also featured 300 giant butterflies as an installation in our gallery garden, the L.A Meets L.A show with all those fabulous costumes and gowns, our fun Art after 5 on those hot summer nights and the arrival of the Los Angeles Angel “Tonanzin” who became a landmark as she stood in from of our gallery.

Thanks to all the volunteers and contributors that helped us make all those ideas become reality.

Here are a few examples of past exhibitions: