About the Artists: 

Much of Viredo’s later art was based on his childhood interaction with this mix of Catholicism, Santeria rites, and Calabar ceremonies. Viredo learned African heritage from these people, including a ninety-year old former slave who told him of the terror of coming from Africa on a slave ship. His mature style began to develop. He liked the control of the early cubists, but rejected the abstract expressionism because he felt it lacked a definite subject matter. While his paintings were somewhat abstract with the geometry of cubism, the figures were stylized and recognizable. He didn’t prefer aparticular palette, but almost always used a great deal of white as a reference point for other colors.

Rogelio is a photographer who came from Cuba to America with his passion for photography and film. This solo exhibition depicts work produced in Cuba and America in the 1950s and beyond. These images encompass a visual work of American life through road travels to Georgia and everyday family experiences in the Los Angeles Area.

Born in Sagua La Grande Cuba. Juan began painting at the age of 8. Luckily, for him and his family, his talent was noticed and he received an extensive art education. He became an art teacher and a very prolific muralist painter. In 1972 he left Cuba and lived in Spain for 3 years were he toiled as a manual laborer to support his family. Every so often he was able to do what he liked best, paint murals. Banking institutions loved his work and now there are several banks in Madrid, Spain, that have proudly maintained his murals throughout the years. After leaving Spain, he came to Los Angeles, California and became a graphics artist for the Department of Water and Power (DWP). In his retirement, Juan has returned to creating art and now has exhibitions in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife of 55 years.

Silfredo La O Vigo is an Artist and a professional dancer in the Afro-Cuban and Haitian tradition, Popular Latin dances and Modern dance. Silfredo graduated from the National School of the Arts in Havana Cuba in 1994 where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree as a certified Dance Professor and Professional dancer. In 1993, he trained and performed for one year with the Cuban National Folkloric Company and Danza Contemporanea de Cuba.

Cuban-born, Los Angeles-based visual artist and actor. She has exhibited her artwork in numerous galleries and institutions. Her work examines issues of trauma born of sexism and racism, past and present. As an actress and member of SAG-AFTRA, Lili has performed extensively in theatre and TV. As a published writer, Lili blogs for the Huffington Post. She has garnered critical acclaim as an independent curator, longtime arts activist and community organizer. Lili first created and ran HABLA (Harvesting Asian, Black, Latino Artists) in order to provide platforms for underrepresented artists in Los Angeles’ cultural landscape. Realizing that Black artists were the most marginalized of the group, Lili then founded and organized BAILA (Black Artists in Los Angeles), a current movement aimed at building bridges of access for Black artists into the mainstream art world.

Clay is a visual artist living in Los Angeles, California. An Emmy Award winning graphic designer, his career encompasses work in television, film, music videos, print and multimedia. Growing up his focus ever shifted between illustration, photography, cinema, graphic design and animation. That’s still how he rolls today. Additionally, Clay is an avid self publisher and serves as Art Director for the photoblog LENSCRATCH.

Born in Havana, Cuba . Enrique’s love for art started as a child. He was 4 years old when his parents took him to “El Cinecito Theater”, It was there where he saw many Classic Disney Movies like Fantasia, Pinocchio, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Enrique would draw some of his favorite Disney characters and comic superheroes on foil milk bottle caps and writing paper because he didn’t have sketch paper in those days. By the time he was 10 years old he already knew that he wanted to be an artist. In 1980 he moved to the US with his parents, two siblings and went to Belmont High. Enrique went on to study general education, fine arts, commercial art, concept, design, illustration and production at LA Trade Tech College in Downtown LA. Since then, Enrique used his expertise to expand his career throughout a number of industries including print press, typography, illustration and graphic design for companies like Guess, Tiltworks and Jerry Leigh.